About Us


Arena Trips was established in 2017, and officially registered as a travel company by the directive of KRG General Directorate of Company Registration (KRGCR) on 15 July 2019 with the reference number 27983. The company specializes in offering various travel services to individuals, corporate, and state departments using cutting-edge technologies and systems. Our company presents a unique platform that reflects the expertise of a talented team, and follows general guidelines, standards and ethics regulated in the travel industry.


Arena Trips advocates principles of transparency in fares and confidentiality of customers’ personal information. The company is defined by an outstanding professionalism that delivers customers’ needs at the best fares in the market. We take pride in being an agency that adheres to the airlines’ rules. We are committed to selling our products without adding extra markups on the original fares listed by the airlines. We apply the same change & cancellation rules set outby the airlines or other providers. We have created an environment that embraces diversity, and does not tolerate discrimination in treating our customers. We uphold the highest standards of business ethics and conducts. We are against acts that violate laws; such as, human trafficking, bribery, money laundering… etc. We support any initiative towards advancing livelihoods, and the protection of the environment.